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May 25, 2006 at 11:34 am | In CA-26, David Dreier, politics, Russ Warner | 5 Comments

Alright, so the DCCC website doesn’t list Cynthia, but does list someone named Hoyt Hillsman. Is this person running? Doubtful.

I think I’ve found the definitive answer on who’s actually running, from opensecrets.org:

David Dreier (R) *
Russell Warner (D)
S. Sonny Sardo (R)
Cynthia Matthews (D)
Melvin C. (Mel) Milton (R)
Elliot Graham (3)
Hoyt Hillsman (D)
Ted Brown (L)

In 2004, Cynthia Matthews raised $55,000, so already Russ Warner has tripled that. Dreier has already raised about the same as in 2004.

Finally, that page says the primary is Tuesday, June 6, 2006. And I’m going to be in Claremont by then. Cool!

Always check Wikipedia

May 25, 2006 at 11:30 am | In CA-26 | Comments Off on Always check Wikipedia

Well, according to the Wikipedia entry on David Dreier, Russ Warner isn’t the only Democratic challenger in CA-26. Cynthia Matthews, who garnered an impressive 43% to Dreier’s 55% in 2004, seems to be running too, or at least, that’s what her terrible website led me to believe.

Back before firedoglake was firedoglake, she had a great write-up of the campaign on Daily Kos. Outrage over immigration was a major issue in 2004, and is sure to be in 2006.
43% is spectular, considering how much Dreier outspent her, and also considering this: Rep. David Dreier’s challenger says she’s a lesbian, and blasts Dreier’s gay positions

So anyone know if Cynthia is running? And anyone want to help her make a more attractive website?


May 15, 2006 at 2:25 am | In computer science, politics | 1 Comment

This summer I’ll be at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA, participating in an NSF-funded computer science research program. If that provides bloggable material, expect to see that here. And if I have spare time, I hope to blog the Congressional race. Democratic candidate Russ Warner is challenging Republican incumbent David Dreier in CA-26, which includes Claremont.

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