Leaving for California Tomorrow

June 4, 2006 at 2:20 am | In CA-26, David Dreier | Comments Off on Leaving for California Tomorrow

My flight is at 8 am. Darnit.

While I’m en route, read this: Congress hopefuls aided by party splits.

Dreier has been tested before. In 2004, he won re-election by the thinnest margin in his career and the smallest margin of any incumbent member of Congress in California.

“I am looking for a big victory Tuesday,” Dreier said.

Walking precincts, Dreier said illegal immigration and border security top the list of concerns. He said the election is a chance to clarify his record.

“A lot of people have tried to distort my record,” Dreier said. “My message is: Don’t believe what anyone offers you in a statement, look at the record. In fact I just sent out a mailer \ saying essentially that.”

As of May 17, Dreier had spent $645,800 in a race that pits him against Sardo and Melvin, both of whom say illegal immigration is their reason for running. Dreier had a balance of $2.98 million.

Sardo, 56, challenged Dreier in 2004, winning only 16 percent of the vote.

“Seems to be a lot of discontent in the district with Dreier,” said Sardo, a decorated Vietnam War veteran and small- business owner in La Ca ada Flintridge. “People know that David Dreier has been asleep at the switch all these years” when it comes to immigration reform.

Milton, a 63-year-old political neophyte from Walnut, used an analogy to express his dissatisfaction with Dreier’s record on illegal immigration.

“If you are having a party at your house and people are coming in through your front door and you don’t want them to, shouldn’t you close it?” Milton asked. “He has had 26 years to close the door.”

Sardo had spent about $45,000 on his campaign as of May 17. That is a tenth of Dreier’s total spending.

Milton had not raised enough money to trigger a campaign disclosure report.

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