“Connecticut Local Politics: Senate 1970”

June 25, 2006 at 12:57 am | In politics | Comments Off on “Connecticut Local Politics: Senate 1970”

Fascinating account of the 1970 Connecticut Senate race:

Liberal Democrats began rallying around the Rev. Joe Duffey, a supporter of Eugene McCarthy’s failed presidential bid and head of the antiwar group Americans for Democratic Action. Duffey also led the progressive, antiwar Caucus of Connecticut Democrats, of which a young attorney named Joe Lieberman was a founding member (Lieberman, 167). Senate Majority Leader Ed Marcus and the more conservative Stamford lawyer Al Donahue, who was backed by the state Democratic machine (Lieberman, 169), were the other Democrats in the race. Secretary of the State Ella Grasso and Mayor Richard Lee of New Haven were also mentioned as possible candidates, but Grasso decided to seek the 6th District Congressional seat and Lee retired from public life (“Dodd”).

(Hat tip: TPMCafe.)

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