Beware the coming North American community

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(Take notice, friends of mine who work at “news” shows: this story is crying out for correspondent coverage.)

I’m glad I’m not the only one concerned by those internationalist Republicans and their plan for a United States of North America.

A concerned citizen writes:

Dreier for `guests’

Unfortunately, the recent letter from Genevieve Clavreul is factually mistaken when it attempts to conceal a statement made by Rep. David Dreier.

A Los Angeles Times article of Dec. 16, 2005, clearly quotes Dreier stating, “Any final bill that emerges from the House and the Senate, must include a guest-worker program both for future migrants and for illegal immigrants already here.”

Appallingly, Dreier is campaigning to legalize up to 30 million illegal immigrants now in our country, rewarding their lawlessness.

According to La Opinion of May 16, 2004, Dreier even agreed with officials at a meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico to work to legalize the greatest possible number of “migrants without legal documents” in the United States. What blatant betrayal of America!

Even worse, Dreier is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which is working to merge Canada, Mexico and the United States into a single “North American Community” by 2010 (see This would dissolve our borders at the expense of American sovereignty and independence, which we cannot allow to happen.

The only candidate on the Nov. ballot for Congressional District 26 opposing all forms of “guest worker” or “temporary worker” amnesty for illegal immigrants is Elliott Graham of the American Independent party.

Jan Akers

La Cañada Flintridge

Someone should really call Dreier’s office and ask them where he stands on transnational nation-merging.

Immigration, immigration, immigration

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Now this sounds like a really effective advertisement from the Busby campaign:

Think lobbyist Brian Bilbray’s a conservative when it comes to immigration? Think again. You see, even lobbyist Bilbray’s conservative opponent stated that Bilbray “failed to pass any laws to stop illegal immigration during his 12 years as a career politician and lobbyist.” Bilbray flip-flopped on a guest worker program. And Bilbray missed the vote for more border patrol agents – because he was on a vacation in Australia – paid for by lobbyists. Lobbyist Bilbray isn’t the candidate to secure our borders. You have a choice. Independent William Griffith is endorsed by the San Diego Minutemen and San Diego Border Alert because he opposes guest worker programs, amnesty and the hiring of illegal immigrants. Francine Busby supports John McCain’s position on immigration – stronger enforcement at the border, better support for border agents, and no amnesty. When it comes to immigration, don’t expect lobbyist Brian Bilbray to fix Washington, or fix our borders. I’m Francine Busby, candidate for Congress, and I approve this message. Paid for by Francine Busby for Congress.

Could something similar be used effectively in the 26th? Two days ago, McCain canceled his appearance at a fundraiser for Bilbray because of Bilbray’s position on immigration:

In an e-mail sent to the Bilbray campaign, McCain spokesman Craig Goldman acknowledged that McCain and Bilbray “disagree on some of the issues related to immigration reform.” He said McCain did not want his appearance to distract from Bilbray’s campaign.The e-mail reiterated McCain’s endorsement of Bilbray, and said the senator’s Straight Talk America political action committee would make the maximum allowable contribution of $5,000 to Bilbray’s campaign. Goldman did not return phone and e-mail messages left seeking comment.

Bilbray, a former San Diego-area congressman who worked as a lobbyist for an anti-illegal immigration group, has repeatedly attacked Busby for supporting the immigration bill passed last Thursday in the Senate.

Who did they find to replace McCain at the fundraiser? Why, none other than David Dreier (and Rep. Duncan Hunter). As I blogged earlier, Dreier’s got a lot of immigration-related baggage. More on Dreier’s appearance here.

More on the anti-immigrant backlash against Dreier

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With headlines like Dreier slams immigration compromise” and Dreier rejects Senate version of immigration bill” you’d think Dreier might have learned a lesson from 2004, when talk radio decided to eat its own. Here’s an account from Wikipedia (if someone has another source, I’d appreciate it):

In the run-up to the 2004 elections, their main issue was fighting what they saw as misguided policies of the federal and California state governments to encourage illegal immigration. John and Ken devised a “competition” that they dubbed Political Human Sacrifice, in which five Republican Representatives from California were grilled regarding their stance on illegal immigration. The “winner” would be the Representative whom the show’s listeners saw as the worst on illegal immigration restriction; John and Ken would endorse his or her opponent in the general election and urge listeners to vote for the opponent. Political Human Sacrifice was conducted in a fashion similar to reality television series such as Survivor. U.S. Representative David Dreier won the nomination as the “victim” of the “sacrifice.” John and Ken also designated a Democratic Congressman, Joe Baca, to be “sacrificed” in the general election. The comments about Dreier resulted in a complaint to the Federal Elections Commission being filed by the National Republican Congressional Committee, which as of September 30, 2005, has not resulted in any action taken. As it turned out, both Dreier and Baca won reelection, but this apparently has not deterred John and Ken from their activism on this issue. Dreier outspent his opponent by 30 to 1 and won with 54% of the vote versus 43% for his opponent, his lowest percentage in 24 years. [1] On the other hand, Baca appeared to have been unaffected as he garnered 66.4% of the vote in 2004, exactly the same percentage as his 2002 vote.[2][3]

Wherever Dreier is now on immigration (pro-guest workers, anti-amnesty?) the anti-immigrant crusaders are having none of it:

The immigration legislation proposed by some in Congress would terribly diminish the well-being of our children and future generations, and the American people must remind their representatives to whom they are responsible.

The campaign by Rep. David Dreier to legalize 20 million illegal aliens in our country is appalling. Such a perfidious action would inevitably lead to even more illegal entries into our country as did the amnesty of 1986. The resulting chain migration of family members could explode our population to half a billion by 2050.

The L.A. Times article of Jan. 16 quoted Dreier saying “any final bill that emerges from the House and the Senate must include a guest-worker program both for future migrants and for illegal immigrants already here.”

Dreier’s “guest worker” plan would let the 20 million people here illegally continue to reside, work and have families here and then irrationally expect them to voluntarily return to their home country after several years or allow them to remain indefinitely.

The Dreier camp excuses this plan by saying it is not “amnesty,” as though that makes any difference, but that is dishonest semantics. What else is it if you allow law-breakers to go unpunished and even reward them by letting them keep what they obtained by breaking our laws?

I believe the best solution is to end Dreier’s 25-year stay in office. And the best way to accomplish this is to elect the one candidate who pledges to enforce our immigration laws and secure America’s borders. He is Sonny Sardo, lifetime Republican, community activist, combat veteran and a devoted family man. And, as a successful businessman, he means what he says.

So what does Russ Warner think about immigration?

Warner understands the immigration issue and his response is very reasonable: to crack down on the big businesses that encourage illegal immigration by hiring illegals.

Sounds sensible enough. Anyone have more details?

David Dreier: “Hard-liner on the border”

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Dreier rejects Senate version of immigration bill:

Rep. David Dreier announced Wednesday that he will not vote for the Senate’s version of immigration legislation, breaking ranks with the White House and bolstering his image as a hard-liner on the border.

Emblematic of the impending battle for a compromise, the Republican chairman of the House Rules Committee said he will fight with his colleagues to ensure the Senate bill does not take precedence over the border security bill passed by the House in mid-December.

The Senate’s proposal to grant a path to citizenship for an estimated 12 million to 20 million illegal immigrants would create an ill-equipped bureaucracy, said Dreier in an interview with the Daily Bulletin on Wednesday. He added that border security must remain a top priority in any immigration reform proposal.

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