February SFS News


The SFS Report – Information, Deadlines, News and Calendar Items for February

Here are few upcoming deadlines we think you should be aware of and things you can do now before the semester gets too hectic!

Exit Interviews and Bar Loans for the Class of 2014

As your time at HLS nears an end we’ll be hosting group meetings called Exit Interviews. Under ABA rules, all graduating 3Ls who have taken out federal or private education loans while at HLS are required to attend. At these meetings we’ll give you information on your borrowing history and detailed directions on how to contact each of your lenders, what to expect in repayment, and tips to make sure the process runs smoothly. You will only need to attend one meeting, but we suggest getting this out of the way early!

We’ve also compiled information about Bar Study Loans. These funds are available to help you cover your living expenses and Bar Review fees. While there are loans available for up to $15,000 please remember that only $10,000 in Bar Study Loan borrowing is eligible for LIPP.

Applying for Financial Aid for the 2014-15 Academic Year

While we are not yet ready to begin the financial aid application process for returning students there are still things you can do now to prepare. If you are a US citizen, you can file the 2014-15 FAFSA now. We will open the 2014-15 aid application process for continuing students in late March. Watch for an email at that time.

Summer Public Interest Funding

The deadline to apply for SPIF was in December, but if you didn’t apply and think you’ll need funding this summer, email  spif at law.harvard.edu to get access to the Application. For those who have applied and have confirmed employment for the summer, please complete the online Opt-Out Form (if you’ll no longer be participating in SPIF) or the SPIF Response Form (to let us know where you’ll be working so we can verify your eligibility). If you have yet to solidify your plans, don’t worry! So long as you complete the SPIF Response Form, and have your employer submit the Employer Response Form, by March 31st you’ll receive a SPIF check on May 1st!

Also, if you are planning on participating in SPIF don’t forget to apply for Supplemental Funding for the summer. While there are many funding sources out there, three Harvard affiliated fellowships – the Vorenberg, Sutin, and Justice Stevens – have application deadlines of March 21st.

The Low Income Protection Plan

If you’re interested in LIPP and have yet to come in to meet with an advisor about the program, think about making an appointment. While these counseling sessions are helpful no matter what year you are, we’d especially like to encourage graduating 3Ls to come in for planning sessions. Know before you go!

Are you in control of your finances?

Have you logged in to iGrad yet? Use this free online financial education tool to help you budget for your summer and beyond!

The Big Picture: Financial Aid in the News

An interesting article on things to watch regarding student loans in 2014.

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