My Farewell Party

There has always been a ‘tradition’ in the King Lab to host a farewell party to send off any outgoing research fellows. My turn finally came today. So, Dr King suggested we hold a pizza party and the event was kindly organized by Christian, my supervisor.

Here are some pictures of the event:

(L-R) Matsu (standing, a Japanese postdoctoral fellow who’s been very nice to me) , Yukio (a very nice Japanese postdoc cum opthalmologist, who’s been encouraging me to go to graduate school), Jan a fellow student from North Germany, me and Christian (my supervisor and mentor; a Danish cardiologist who’s a postdoctoral fellow)


(L-R) Lindsey (sits directly across me in Lab), Dahlia, Maeno (he’s a Japanese postdoc, who’s also an endocrinologist), Pedro (a footie-crazy Portuguese postdoc). Nice bunch of people they are.


Dr King (seated far left), the principal investigator and Research Director of the Center. I owe it solely to him for my stint in Boston.


Christian, on how I’ve been a nuisance to him for the past 2.5 months. Nah, just kidding. He gave a short but very moving speech. I am honored to have him as my mentor, teacher and friend.


Me, with that silly grin


Me, deep in thought. No, actually, I’m deep in munching my pizza.


I’m giving a short farewell speech, which was basically to everyone about how I’m leaving the lab with a heavy heart. That I’m heading back to Cambridge, UK after this. To which Dr King jokingly said,’Haha, that sounds boring. Malaysia would be more fun, right?’

Christian gets bored with my talk and decides to drink his water. haha.

Thanks to my ever so helpful lab manager, I-Hsien, for taking these pictures!!

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