The Single Most Important Health Tip that I Learned from my time at the Longwood Medical Area…

.. is that Gatorade relieves sore throat and high fever due to common cold.

 Lots and lots of it. *cough*

(In the UK, it’s called Powerade. So, it seems that USAN not only covers pharmaceuticals, but also sports drinks. :D) 

Oh, also, it might be possible to drop dead from viral-induced septic shock in front of the Emergency Department of one of America’s finest teaching hospitals -which I shall not name – and nobody will attend to you if you can’t pay the co-pay fees that your medical insurance didn’t cover – something to the tune of $ 100 per emergency admission out of office hours, without an appointment. And in case you didn’t have a medical insurance, you’ve to fork out the full fees – $1500. Great. Just great.

Thank God for the NHS!

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