THES World University Rankings 2007

Yes, the list is out again this year.

Boy oh boy.. notable changes in the rankings:

  • UCL has the largest improvement, breaking into the top ten, rising from #25 in 2006 to #9
  • MIT, Stanford and UC Berkeley charted the lowest rankings in years, ranked at #10, 16 and 22 respectively. If the rankings are to be taken seriously, does this mean UCL is better than MIT, Stanford and UC Berkeley? I leave that to the wisdom of the readers.
  • LSE fared the worst of the ‘elite’ universities, ranked at #59

When I heard about MIT’s position in the rankings, I almost choked and spluttered my drink. One of Imperial College’s goal is to emulate MIT and be the MIT of the UK. With its current position at #5, does this mean that it has now fared better than its role model?

MIT, my favourite unversity (though not my alma mater) used to be #3 (2004), 2 (2005) and 4 (2006). I find it hard to stomach the fact that it’s ranked #10 this year, lower than *gasp* Imperial and UCL! This is blasphemy!

Things that didn’t change from last year: Harvard is still #1 (*yawn*), followed by Cambridge, Oxford and Yale, all three tied at #2. Looks like Cambridge’s got to pull its socks up if it wants to remain second fiddle to Harvard as the world’s best university, simply because other universities are catching up!

And oh, on the local front, unfortunately, none of the Malaysian universities made it to the Top 200 list.  

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