mentoring project started for self-representation programs


[we’re in pre-launch status, as we search for a shlep team — can you contribute?] and the Self Represented Litigation Network announced today that they have established a program for Mentoring and Networking on Self-Help Programs.  Dated Sept. 11, 2006, the Announcement from Madelynn Herman, NCSC’s Project Director, notes:

GuidedSupport.gif   Based on the over 130 existing self help programs, the directors of many of which have volunteered to participate in this networking, we will find the right person to help you think through and get ideas for how to launch or improve your self help program.

 Regardless of whether you are funded or less funded; urban or rural, court-based or community-based, high-tech or low-tech, we have the resources to connect you to a program or person facing similar challenges that you are facing.
Areas of possible connection include:
·        Self Help Centers
·        Discrete Task Representation
·        Clerk Education Programs
·        Judicial Education Programs
·        Forms Programs
·        Web Information Programs
·        Document Assembly Programs

We hope we can help connect people and programs working to solve similar issues relating to self representation.

 phoneOld To be connected or for further information, please contact:
Madelynn Herman Project Director
National Center for State Courts



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