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We’d like to add the following persons, weblogs and websites to the Linker List we started at the foot of our Help Wanted posting two weeks ago.  Linkages have already helped place shlep in the top ten Google Search results for “self-help law”.  (In fact, we’re the only site with two listings, but who’s counting?).  Our selfless gratitude goes out to:



– Daniel Solove and the professors at Concurring Opinions, for mentioning our guide/guild posting in Blawg Review #75 (Sept. 18, 2006)
– Madelynn Herman at [the wonderful] website, for announcing our creation and Help Search on their Home and Library pages.
– Susan McDonald of the Legal Research and Writing Blog (Sept. 6, 2006)
– the folks at Findory (who found us via MyShingle)
– Elmer Masters for pointers at and Teknoids (Sept. 6, 2006, via BoleyBlogs!)
– Laura O at Oregon Legal Research weblog (Sept. 6, 2006) 
– Betsy McKenzie at Out of the Jungle (Sept. 8, 2006, via OOTJ)   webLinksG
Legal Help (Sept. 10, 2006, via Out of the Jungle)
– Harvey Morrell at U. Baltimore Law Library weblog (Sept. 8, 2006, via OOTJ)
– Nancy Stinson at the Stark County Law Library Weblog (Sept. 11, 2006, via MyShingle)

p.s.  At this rate, the professor-network webloggers at Law Librarian Blog might even discover our humble website soon.










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