poor Cristoforo Colombo (name change self-help)


The navigator who is both honored and defiled on Columbus Day never did get to Asia.  He also never got to Ellis Island, but that hasn’t stopped Americans from anglicizing his name.  The famous explorer always contended — some say to cover up a mercenary past — that he was born in Italy, which would have made his name Cristoforo Colombo. His actual birthplace has been in much dispute, but whether he was actually Italian/Genoese, or instead Portuguese (nee Cristóvão Colon), Spanish (nee Cristóbal Colón), or Catalan (nee Cristòfor Colom), one thing is certain: he never called himself Christopher Columbus.  

Columbus  Modern-day Americans have much more control over their names.  shlep wants to remind you on Columbus Day that there is much help online and at courthouses (with official forms, and often instructions), should you need or want to change your name.  For example: see the California Self-Help Center, the Wisconsin Self-Help webpage, and the forms available from that District called Columbia.  As always, check out our post getting self-help help, if you need assistance finding your state court websites. 

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