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I was quite pleased to discover and post about’s Law in Plain English podcasts last month (see our prior post).  Nonetheless, my usual problem with podcasts still nagged me — as noted in the f/k/a piece podriahs — blissfully outside the pod-caste system:
A primary advantage  of weblogs is the information management that it gives us, including the easy ability to decide if a post is worth perusal, to quote a passage in assent or  dissent, or to find it quickly at a later time.  Podcasting might nurture a bit of camaraderie, but facilitating the use and organization of information are not its forte.  For me, information is far better processed and preserved through written text.

Well, it was silly of me to have so little faith in the legal self-help pioneers at, who clearly know how to make information effective and accessible.  You see, since January 2006, Nolo has made transcripts available for each of its Plain English podcasts, at the dedicated Nolo Podcast transcript weblog — usually on the same day a podcast is originally released (or the next business day).  Belated, but heartfelt thanks, Nolo!  

writing  So, although yesterday’s new podcast, “Is it Harder to Sell a Retail or a Service Business?,” sounds quite interesting, I’m going to check with the Nolo Podcast weblog tomorow, to see if this interview with Fred Steingold has been posted for eyeball consumption.
p.s. Our Referers page says that someone Googled nolo press podcast this morning, and the #2 result was shlep‘s Sept. 12. posting about the Law in Plain English podcast series.   Yesterday, we were the third result, out of 12 million, for the Google query self representation in a court of law>, and the 1st out of 15 million results, for the query document assembly online. Thanks to all those who have linked to us and helped achieve such good search engine results so early in shlep‘s existence.  Late-night update:  More thanks to Kevin Heller at TechLawAdvisor, for pointing to two of our posts, and featuring shlep as Today’s New Blawg in his excellent editon of Blawg Review #79.

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