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As noted in the Oct. 16, 2006, edition of Newsweek, the new website was launched last week. already offers an impressive cache of user-friendly information for small businesses.  As their October 9th press release exclaims, “ features unique “How-to Guides” for more than 1,000 business topics, ranging from start-up basics to advanced management techniques. The Guides are written by business experts who can now share their expertise with others through a new form of “Expert Generated Content” (EGC).”  The Guides are touted as combining “the informative, editorial aspects of articles with the action-orientation of search results.”  The authors help readers weed through the excess of information that is often provided by search engine queries, by suggesting especially helpful resources.

thumbUp also has a Community weblog.  Of even more interest to shlep, it has created many How-to-Guides related to legal issues faced by small businesses (i.e., forms, records, regulations, IP, Licenses and Permits, incorporation and more).  For example, check out the Guides on Law page, which has a lengthy list of Guides on particular laws and topics (e.g., COBRA, Required Labor Law posters, Hiring the Disabled).  The approach to legal self-help is one that we can applaud: 
“When it comes to the legalities of starting and operating a small business, very little seems truly simple, fair, low-cost or accessible. So arming yourself with legal solutions when and where you need them will be important to your growth and profitability.  

“Knowing how to avoid legal trouble in the first place, and how to respond to legal problems when they come up, is the essence of what you will find in Legal channel How-to Guides. The solutions here are wide ranging and comprehensive, from showing you where to find expert legal help for your business in your area, to the everyday legal matters you can handle yourself with free forms and documents that you can download from the Internet.”

There is much too much content for me to review, but I want to point to a very useful How-to-Guide by editor Daniel Kehrer, titled Guide to Do-It-Yourself Legal Help, which has the tag “Lawyers are vital, but expensive. Self-help options abound for everyday legal matters.”   It looks like a good example of the Guide concept, with a short introduction, Action Steps (The best contacts and resources to help you get it done”), Tips & Tactics (Helpful advice for making the most of this Guide), Recommended Solution Providers, Best Sites to Learn More, and Best Blogs and Forums.   (The weblog list shows the current dearth of quality content on legal self-help.   shlep is trying to help fill that void.)   If you’re a business searching for a place to learn about legal issues, especially with the thought of doing as much legal problem-solving as possible without lawyers, is a good place to look.   (thanks to  “Ed” at Blawg Review for the tip)

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