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If you don’t mind learning legal basics that have been filtered through a bit of poetic license, you might want to check out Yehuda Berlinger’s Board Games and Gaming Blog.  Yehuda occasionally presents verse versions of major statutory schemes.  So far, he’s covered:

Despite our love of haiku, shlep does not advise that you rely solely on Yehuda’s verse for your study of major statutory schemes, or parts thereof.  For example, here is his treatment of Sec. 107 of the Copyright Act:


Despite all of these rights
All people can reproduce
To report, criticise, or teach
Because that is fair use

While that is a reasonable summary, go here for a few extra resources on the complex topic of Fair Use and Copyright. [via Blawg Review #85, by Peter Black at Freedom to Differ, who also graciously pointed to two of our postings from last week.]


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    December 18, 2006 @ 12:01 pm


    […]  Having recently pointed our readers to verse reditions of various statutory schemes, we’d be remiss if we missed the chance to tell you about “The School of Rock: Learn Criminal Law by Listening to the Radio“, by U. Washington law lecturer Sarah Kaltsounis, from the Kent County (WA) Bar Association Bar Bulletin, Nov. 2006.  At her main gig, Trial Ad Notes, shlep’s Mary Whisner tells us the article offers ”a light review of criminal law — from possession of controlled substances to escaping from custody — by quoting lyrics from popular music and relating them to Washington law.”  [More than ever, we remind you that shlep cannot guarantee the accuracy of materials to which we link.]  […]

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