Guardianship Oversight


My local paper, the Seattle Times has been investigating courts’ practices in sealing records in a series called “Your Courts, Their Secrets.” The latest focus of investigation is the guardianship system. Articles this week have discussed some horribly frustrating interactions when family members (often unrepresented) have tried to monitor the care professional guardians are providing their disabled loved ones. (See my post on Trial Ad Notes.)

That led me to look for some more information about guardianship (of adults, not children)…


  1. david giacalone

    December 6, 2006 @ 11:58 pm


    Thanks for a great compilation on a very important topic. Individuals need this kind of information to assure that those they love or care for are protected. On the East Coast, the “other” Washington had its own Guardianship scandal in 2003. See Washington Post Finds Shameful Attorney & Court Neglect of Probate Wards, where ethicalEsq said: “This story should be mandated reading for bar associations, judicial forums, and bar counsel everywhere. It’s an alert that should spark similar studies of probate courts and appointed guardians across the nation, to ensure that similar practices are not fostered and condoned anywhere else. Such studies should be spurred by the legal profession, rather than downplayed by it. If we don’t protect our most vulnerable clients, who are we protecting?” has information on this subject for most states. For example, has information on Guardianship/Conservators in D.C.; and has Adult Guardianship information for New York.

  2. david giacalone

    December 17, 2006 @ 1:13 am


    HALT covers the Seattle Times investigation of Guardianships in its eJournal, dated Dec. 15, 2006. Click here to see HALT’s 2004 proposal to the D.C. Courts for Probate Attorney Practice Standards, which were prompted by the scandalous conditions uncovered in the D.C. guardianship system.

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