our self-help link collections from 2006


One service we hope to provide even more of in 2007 is the aggregation of links on specific topics that may be of use or interest to do-it-yourself legal consumers, or to people who want to be smarter clients, know more about their rights and duties, or avoid trouble or bad outcomes related to specific laws or consumer issues. (Of course, our SideBar always has links to sources and materials for many self-help situations, especially those that are aimed at pro se litigants.)

LinkListN  Here is an alphabetical list of link collections we have created since shlep officially launched on October 1, 2006.  As always, we urge visitors to use the Comment section that accompanies each posting to tell us of additional relevant recources.

courthouse1  The following posts collected links to court-related self-help issues:

ScalesRichPoor   If you want to know more about the kinds of services and projects that exist to help persons who appear in court without a lawyer, see the materials discussed in our posting on court-related self-help tools and the best practices for the self-represented.  For help in finding such services in your state or locality, see our getting self-help help page, and the list of self-help Gateways in the SideBar.  


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