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Here are a few more quick q.s. blurbs from shlep headquarters:

blackCheckS SelfHelpSupport.org just posted a pointer to the New Hampshire Judicial Branch Self-Help Center, saying “an excellent website.”  As advertised, the site’s “pages provide basic, practical information about the New Hampshire court system, how it works, and what the procedures are for bringing a case to court.” It’s Getting Started page is a very good idea, and well constructed to help the pro se party decide what needs to be done; so is the FAQ page.  Two suggestions from us: a) now that unbundling is available in all civil lawsuits in NH (prior post), the topic of unbundling needs to be addressed prominently; and b) the NH Bar Association’s LawLine program, which has volunteer lawyers giving legal advice over the phone to anonymous callers (described here) deserves a direct link, and not just a mention.

fencePainterS  The Out of the Jungle law librarian weblog has a pair of useful postings:

  • Net Neutrality will surely continue to be in the news a lot this year.  OoJ‘s Betsy McKenzie points to several discussions of whether the new Congress is likely to be a friend or foe to Net Neutrality.  It also links to a plain-language Guide to Net Neutality from Google, for those who want to understand the concept and/or join the legislative debate.  
  • Jim Milles’ post this morning (Jan. 12, 2007) has a lengthy excerpt from NY Attorney Malpractice Blog, that gives good advice about the kind of letter to write to someone who is trespassing on your property, when you don’t want to help the trespasser prove adverse possession lawsuit.  (LegalAdvice.com has a nice, brief description of the adverse possession concept.)

blackCheckS  Laura Orr’s Oregon Legal Research weblog has a bunch of good points and pointers, as usual:

thumbUp Thanks to the Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide weblog for featuring shlep today and putting us in its select list of Favorite Weblogs.  It’s a well-designed and good-looking site. Check MWDG‘s Features links in its SideBar, which offers access to a lot of good information, from Courtroom preparation to finding out about Mediation, finding Experts, and more.  This old divorce mediator and children’s lawyer gives MWDG a big thumbs up.


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