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  • Carolyn Elefant has followed-up on her LegalBlogWatch posting (and ours) on the revolution being waged by Cisco General Counsel Marc Chandler with a piece at her solo-lawyer-oriented weblog, MyShingle. Carolyn asks What Do You Do If Your Clients Want to Lead A Revolution? Join Them, Of Course! (Feb. 1, 2007). She explains that all lawyers need to: “hear our clients’ desire to play a part in their matters, or to keep their case on a budget that they can afford (no, not what they want to pay, but what they can afford to pay).  Because otherwise, we may just find ourselves supplanted, rather than supported by technology.” [update: Feb. 5, 2007: Thanks to “127001” at Civil Gideon for pointing to this blurb and for being so willing to give this weblog a chance to make a good impression.]


  • HALT reports in its newest eJournal (Jan. 29, 2007; available bi-weekly by email) that “Mendocino County in California now offers nighttime small claims court hours on the first Wednesday evening of every month. Designed with the goal of improving public accessibility, the court will offer five time slots per night for hearing cases, beginning at 5:30 p.m. The court operates from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Offering nighttime hours is one of the model practices HALT has identified to reform small claims courts.”


  • In Wisconsin, Ozaukee County Court Commissioner Darcy E. McManus is also trying to enhance off-peak services to pro se litigants.  (see The Third Branch, Jan. 2007) She wants to expand the Ozaukee County Family Law Assistance Center, which opened its doors about a year ago, to litigants who cannot get to the courthouse during the very limited hours when volunteer attorneys (from the Ozaukee County Bar Association) are available.  If you have ideas on how to achieve this goal, please contact Ms. McManus at (262) 284-8376 or darcy.mcmanus AT

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