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    Justice Talking, npr’s “public radio show about law and American life,” has created Talking Justice, a mega-collection of weblogs and discussion forums, that invites you “to get on your soapbox and join the conversation about the tough, provocative issues you care about.   From the war on drugs to the war on terror, the right to vote to the right to pray — share your views.”  If you’re willing to register and be civil, you can comment on the weblog posts and post or reply to messages.  As TJ explains on its Welcome page:

The Talking Justice Blogs include commentaries from a host of distinguished contributors who care passionately about law and justice issues.  There you can also find postings from some of the best legal blogs, websites and newspapers:, the National Law Journal and JURIST

  podium   You can find their Latest weblog posts here; and the daily featured weblog here. There is also a full list, with links, to the 30+ weblogs contributing to Talking Justice. The commentary is written by individuals and groups with a broad array of viewpoints and values (from trial lawyers to tort reformers, from Cato Institute to Capitol Steps).   (via Carolyn at LegalBlogWatch)

The Talking Justice Discussion Forums SoapBox  

The TJ Forums are structured into thirteen thematic groups, covering topics discussed on the Justice Talking radio show.  “It’s the place to give your thoughts on the issues and to tell us your ideas for new shows, what we got right and what we missed in the current ones.”   The themes are: The Supreme Court, Criminal Justice, Civil and Human Rights, The Environment, Economic Justice, Education, Elections and Campaigns, Freedom of Expression, Health Care Policy, Bombs, Borders and International Affairs, Religious Freedom, Science & Technology, and Miscellaneous Issues.  

  • The topics covered at Talking Justice will surely interest many shlep readers.  TJ looks like a very good place to stay abreast and get things off your chest.

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