The East Asia Institute

Tokyo Christian University is beginning a new short-term program for international students this fall called the East Asia Institute. The program lasts a full semester, starting in late August and ending in early December.


Most students will take the following four courses, though some may wish to exchange one or two with other courses offered at TCU this fall:

  • Japanese Language and Culture
  • Japan, Asia, and the West
  • History of Japanese Arts and Aesthetics
  • Japanese Religion and Philosophy

Students will take part in several field trips towards completion of their course credits, which should be fully transferable to undergraduate programs at foreign universities in the U.S. and other countries.

Shinkyo (Sacred Bridge), Nikko

TCU expects that most of the applicants will come from CCCU member and affiliate schools, but it welcomes others to apply.

The cost of this study abroad program is less than students would pay for a semester of study at most private colleges in the U.S.

See the East Asia Institute website for more information.

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