Hey Guys,

I am happy to know that you’ve visited my website. I am chronicling my Harvard Journey on this website. If you’d like to know more about my work in the tech industry and across the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Asia, please visit my parent website www.siddharthrajhans.com

This website caters to my time at Harvard specifically.

To help you get the entire holistic Harvard Life Experience, I have divided this website into the following sections:

The Home Page deals with new posts and highlights

The “Campus” Page – deals with life on campus, latest happenings and different elements of the Main Harvard University Premises – ranging from its rich history, to the arts and cultural heritage of the campus, to photos and descriptions of the building behind the famous Johnston Gate in the Harvard Yard.

The “Radcliffe Quad” Page is about the student and dorm life at Harvard. The Radcliffe Quadrangle or simply the “Quad” as it is famously known is where I checked in to live for my time at Harvard. It houses four major dorm buildings – Currier House (this is where Bill Gates lived), Pforzheimer House or FoHo (where those Winklevoss twins lived – who sued Zuck for Facebook – and this is where Mark Zuckerberg met Priscilla before being detained), Cabot House (this is where Siddharth Rajhans lived, yes that’s me) and Hilles – or the SOCH (Students Organization Center at Hilles).
The Quad is the most happening group of dormitories at Harvard and have some of the most notable alumni of the university to its credit.

The “Lectures” page keeps you updated about the lectures I have attended at Harvard, with photos and contents for you to get a feel of the academic environment at Harvard.

The “Charles River & beyond” page is a unique collective of photos, videos and content of life in the City of Cambridge and Boston. I will also be posting about updates of free lectures and executive education programs at Harvard Business School for those of you who wish to have a bit of Harvard in your lives.