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Harvard Career & Academic Resource Center (CARC) Awesomeness

Posted by signal on August 29th, 2012

Today I registered for many of the CARC workshops for Fall 2012.  Some of the best ones are offered only on-campus, however there were quite a few good ones offered online that I was able to register for:

Listen Up: Three Ways to Make Your Audience Pay Attention (webinar)
Gaining Grammar Confidence (webinar)
How to use Positive Psychology to Improve Performance and Wellbeing (teleconference)
Resume and Cover Letter 101 (webinar)
Perfectionism (webinar)
Lifting the Curtain on Powerful Persuasive Speaking (webinar)

One in particular that looked very interesting that has already filled up (I was not able to get into it), was:

Networking: Making Your Connections Count (webinar)


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