Open Letter : Curator – Museum of Past Memories


The Curator,
Museum of Past Memories.

Dear Sir,
When I was a kid, I was told…to forgive is a divine gesture, but I was never told when I shall need it, and more so in what circumstances it is an option that I may exercise. During my turmoil over the past year, I knew that things were not as idyllic as they appeared on the surface. I observed the signs of impending doom not because I was so much more perceptive than others, but simply because I had the opportunity to spend time with myself. 
Through my journey of discovering myself better, I understood most of us live – both physically and emotionally in a very restricted space of our possibilities. We all have potential reservoirs of life to draw upon, of which we do not really know.  After going through each memory, I have realized everyone of us decide and act upon a particular issue, with the knowledge we have, to the best of our ability. This indeed, was a great learning, I realized why I did not understand the way people acted/reacted earlier. Anecdotes often present us with lessons, that nature wishes to bestow upon us. Earlier one day, as I was looking at my reflection in a hand held mirror, it slipped my grip and fell to the floor. With a quick jab the mirror broke, into tiny shards. I realized how each piece was able to forgive me and yet reflect me the way it did earlier. I have understood that, to seek inner peace, it is essential to forgive others.
Today, as we sat at Zitouna Mosque, my friend talking about the Tunisia struggle for democracy said,” …If they are willing to go, we can forgive our leaders because the past cannot be corrected, but how can we forget the pain that they had put us through? …” This statement has given me the path I needed. I have come to realize that forgiving does not necessarily erase our bitter past. My soul seeks healing, and forgiving  what we cannot forget creates a new way to remember. So, I will have to forgive others and forget (release) memories associated with them. I realized that I have to release memories of my past for seeking inner peace. Allow me to fan my tiny inner spark of possibility into a flame of achievement. Please release the memories of my past and set my soul free.
Yours truly,
Place: Tunis, Tunisia
Dated: June 2010
cc’ed : Dad
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  1. rashee

    December 27, 2014 @ 9:40 am


    Do you think it is possible to forget our painful experiences and move on. I think a lot of what I am today is because of my actions in the past. I can say they have contributed a lot in moulding me. I can’t forgive people, because had they been more open to possibilities things would’ve been different.

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