Coming Soon: SimplyJITH Character Institute


Dear Patrons,

2010 was a year for immense learning and new horizons, for us at SimplyJITH. In addition to our various programs and their affiliated projects, we have been working hard, to create a platform for youth,  for them to understand the importance of values, and moral wellbeing. We wish to lend a friendly support and facilitate the flowering of immense potential that every youth has, in order to successfully navigate through the turbulent and disaster-prone, yet very promising period of youth and beyond. I take this opportunity to express my deep and heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone for their valuable contribution in this effort. 
It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of SimplyJITH Character Institute. Adding to our existing array of programs, this effort of ours will strive to mold youth as a perfect blend of academic excellence and value education for character well-being. We are honored to receive your continued patronage, which inspires us to strive towards even higher standards of human excellence. 
An Enterprise is only as successful as the society it serves. We, with each effort of ours, engage in a mutual learning model, and encourage our patrons to support us with your feedback and valuable opinion.  It has always been our endeavor to enhance living experience of our patrons and ourselves. As we step into 2011, we look forward to providing you with a bouquet of learning opportunities through our efforts.
May I wish you and your family a year of peace, prosperity and good luck!
With best wishes,
Abhijith Jayanthi 
– from SimplyJITH Garage
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