There is a strong belief, that no truth is ever lost – that every word ever spoken, every act we were a part of,  every emotion we lived with, still exists and when that truth comes calling, one should be able to face it, and continue to respect oneself. This is possible when one did not cheat oneself and others in their life….
Rachel heard voices from her past, but they were muffled and fragmented, and they filled her with remorse…..
‘Mom, I found Albert fun loving, caring and he loves me.. and is probably the one who will love me for rest of my life. I want to call off my engagement with Paul, do not want to be with him anymore’
‘Albert, I have been cheating on you betraying every ounce of trust you showered on me.’
‘Relations need more maturity and nurture, I hope my daughter knows what a relation is about and what she is doing.’
‘I know mom, I need my man to shower me with a teddy every day and lots of love. Remember the teddy  Dave presented me on our secret weekend trip to Cheney? But then, he was not as charming as Paul was.’
‘Do you know you’re a very special girl to me Rachel ? One I seek to grow old together with, I felt it from the first time I saw you….I shall always hold you.’
‘It’s over Albert, I do not wish to marry you. I’ll be happy if you do not call me anymore. I found someone else now…Charlie has been taking care of me, while you were away.’
‘Rachel, I know you are an innocent girl lost in the lonely lanes of youth. I shall relocate, distances have put us away for long….’
‘Mom, Albert had been irritating me with his phone calls all through my Amazon trip with Charlie, I do not need his love anymore, can you tell Albert not to disturb me anymore?’
The voices would not stop. Her past became a kaleidoscope of shifting images that kept racing through her mind. Such recurrences have become more common these days. The Pagatele women were never known for their fidelity, but Rachel’s case was rather unusual – behind the facade of fame and glamor (which were the usual reasons for Pagatele women to cheat on their men) lies a hidden web of unmatched selfishness, addiction and fallacious reasoning to justify her actions.
P.S.: This blog post presents a first view/glimpse of third chapter of my book (not yet published) titled Precocious Truth: Unrequited Love. You may read the prologue for the same here.
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