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Note: This blog post is a salutation to Team India – World Champions 2011! and to Indigo Child, now a Demigod – Sachin Tendulkar. 
Cricket speaks to our nation in a way our government never has. Dhoni and his boys are held responsible by the nation in a way no other office bearer of any public franchise (including politicians) is. In a country where every stream of activity is related to (at least remotely) to this sport, and the performance of Team India –  from office hours, volume of business conducted to living choices made by people, cricket is religion, and every player is a representation of the faith – with over 1.2 billion followers. Politicians from Prime Minister to President resort to cricket as a diplomatic option, goes to show the status the game has achieved in our country. Our eyes filled with tears and our hearts with love and strange sense of pride, when Dhoni hit the ball out of the park for a six – we are the world champions! Each and every Indian will be proud of our entire cricket team! 

Celebrations love company, and everyone wants a reason to celebrate. There have been a lot of social networking advances such as twitter, facebook etc which have brought people from various walks of life closer, with celebrities and politicians interacting with the  common man – but the sense of national pride that cricket unites us with, still continues to top the charts. And victory at the highest level – World Cup, brings a strange sense of warmth amongst all of us. More than the passionate patriotism that comes to the fore, it brings a sense of national unity – from Team India to  Demigods of other spheres such as Rajnikanth (In continuation with famous Rajni jokes – A new cry line took birth : It is impossible for India to lose when Rajni Sir is here), Celebrities by luck – Pratibha Patil, Celebrities by hard work – Aamir Khan and common man. It goes to show how every element has had its influence/prayers on this moment to come true.It was surreal. This only goes to show what cricket means to us and the massive void it fills for our nation. 
Victory comes with a set of expectations (A Spin-off from what Navjot Singh Sidhu says –  Adversity comes with instructions on hand), which unfortunately fail to go beyond the sport. The expectations on the team to maintain the richness  continue into the future, while the sense of national pride and unity fade out – If cricket is our religion, we need to be true followers of the faith and continue this sense of pride and belonging well beyond cricket and showcase that in our daily lives. Congratulations to Team India, for making us proud! Now it is upon us to reach out, continue to celebrate the unity and national pride and contribute our bit in transforming a possibility – India : A Indigo Child, into reality.
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