Lessons to Learn: Fight Against Corruption


In the past few days, we have seen a string of protests across the World. From Jasmine revolution, Egyptian Uprising in the Middle East and Africa to fight against corruption in India. There is a growing deficit in ethics and moral conduct of leaders, elite of the society and the common man too. One of the prime factors which will influence the development of a country or a target group is by creating an environment for responsible change, inspiring them to seek not just social innovation but also a responsible one.

Responsible Change will inspire sustained growth along with social development. A sustained growth pattern for a country can be achieved when both fiscal and social growth go together. There is a greater need to encourage entrepreneurs to work with this integrated growth approach to build  self sustaining enterprises along with contributing towards healthy society. In the era of glocalisation, with such an approach, we can see integrated local communities interconnected globally.

Other stakeholders, such as civil society representatives, NGO Groups and Media also need to work with moral responsibility towards a positive living experience for everyone. 

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