Rays of the Sun : A Gray Day


Sun: God Ra: Rays of the Sun are considered as the source of life and health on Earth. Rays of the Sun are a great source for Vitamin D, and help in our healthy living. To speak of an analogy, with their purity (of the rays), we are cleansed off our indignity and selfishness. Today, I wish to discuss the flip side of this analogy i.e. if rays of the sun are corrupt and maligned with scent of selfishness, indignity and callousness; they can pose a serious threat to ethical well being of our society.
Devoid of responsible behavior, Rays of the Sun corrupt with selfish impulses will cast a negative shade – A gray day. It will be particularly inspiring to see how Mother Nature will offer a backup plan to this natural disaster. With the rays touching each and every element of our nature, it will be a great disaster: When every being on our earth will have no honor or respect for emotions, rather is selfish in regard to their own existence and happiness. The most interesting observation will be, even withstanding the grand remedy plan of Mother Nature, one devoid of any ethical well being will suffer – finding reasons for happiness, but never being happy. There are remedies to help combat these “gray day” influences – Nature can be very calming, but during the times of calamity, can stand tall and put to rest any of its elements which will act against the grand plan. Remedy – Earth destroying the Sun? May be.
Place: Canary Islands

Date: Circa 2008

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