As I look out at the misty weather and see the leaves coloring the branches while the drizzle glues the fallen leaves to the ground, it is clear that we are in the middle of the fall season and frigid winter days are soon to come. In spring, we see the buds popping open on the trees and new plants push their way up through the soil to enjoy the sun’s fresh kiss. The fall is just the opposite. It is a time of retreat from the growth cycle.
Some people experience sadness with the changing of the summer season to fall, but I think it is a wonderful thing. The shifting seasons bring us variety and provide us with the changing backdrop for our lives. The autumn has its own kind of charm. It marks the harvest of the spring and summer seasons and it brings a rich palate of various shades of orange, red, yellow and brown to the terrain. These elements are reminders that we are of the earth, and it is through the earth that we receive sustenance.
Fall is the time to pull out your favorite scarves and wool jumpers as you make the transition to a warmer wardrobe. Head for the park where you can enjoy the crispness of the air, the smell of the earth, the beautiful colors of the fall leaves and the fall chrysanthemums.
Every season has its own charm, likewise every phase in our life has its own charm…we will have to learn the beauty of it and enjoy the warmth!
Place: Oslo, Norway
Dated: 8th July 2007

Confused Reflections


Posted: Today
Recipient: Me…
Today, I want to write about transforming what we view as failed experiences into valuable fodder for our future success. Naturally, it is never pleasant to experience failure, but that does not make it a bad thing. As hard as it may seem to believe, there are benefits to experiencing failure. We can learn valuable lessons from these experiences that can benefit us in the end.
It is important for us to look at our life situations from different angles, by finding opportunities and learning lessons when things don’t come out as planned. I wish to elaborate on this point, by narrating a short story.  
“…her hope was to become a fantasy novelist, but that dream was compromised when every agent and publishing house she contacted rejected her first novel. When I first met her, she was in a frustrated and dejected place. So, my advice to her was to keep trying and to also explore other ways to utilize her writing talents.
She decided, she needed to take a break from focusing on her novel, so she put it away and began volunteering at a local children’s hospital. She became a storyteller and made up all kinds of fantastic adventures to entertain the kids in the children’s ward. She was well received as a storyteller and was soon writing her stories down to share at other local hospitals.
Interestingly, this gave way to a very promising career in the area of writing and publishing. She became a very fulfilled and successful children’s author and is now very happy that she “failed” at writing fantasy novels. Her story is proof that not only can failed experiences encourage us to be more flexible and determined, but that they can also point us in the perfect direction…”
I hope this story will remain with you so that the next time you feel yourself struggling with the idea of “failure,” you will think differently about it. When you open yourself up to the gifts the universe brings, you can find amazing opportunities. Give yourself a pat on the back for moving along the right path to success and keep  moving on until you get it right. Reflection is a transformation of what is…into what it is truly meant to be…I understood my reflection…

I’m Nice…not Dumb


When we encounter someone new, we quickly seek answers to two questions rooted in the evolutionary need to make correct decisions: What are this person’s intentions towards me? and is this person capable of being true and act on these intentions? 
Because we lack the brainpower to weight someone’s true merits quickly, we seize on our sometimes mistaken answers to these questions and rate the person high or low on imaginary scales of intention and capability. Moreover, intention and capability assessments influence how we intend to interact with others. We like to assist people we consider to be warm (intention) and avoid people who we see as not being warm. We desire to associate with people we consider to be capable and ignore those whom we consider to be otherwise.
To further add to our parameters of assessment, we tend to find clues on people’s race, gender, nationality, their brought-up and the social environments they were part of. Thus our decisions about whom to trust, doubt, defend against, are based on faulty data. The intention/capability approach helps us understand a lot about others. Why people disrespect the elderly while feeling positive towards them (they are seen as incapable but warm). Inaccurate intention-capability judgments can lead us to trust untrustworthy associates or undervalue potentially important connections.
It is particularly interesting to note that we can observe a gender polarity to this trend. Men normally  attach more value to capability component of the judgment while women value the warmth (intention) component. More so, the way we see others is a reflection of how we ourselves. Men normally tend to understand themselves and others by their capability to be true to the intention/emotion, while  ‘warmth’ component comes second. While women normally tend to value ‘warmth’ more, thus associating with people who show more concern/warmth towards them, and whether or not the other person or they themselves will remain true about intentions/emotions is always a secondary point of concern.

A Story…


“…..In the ancient Tibetan tradition, a wind horse known as ‘lung da’, a beautiful steed was regarded as a sign of happiness and good fortune (symbolized by the jewel on its back). The image of the wind horse is used on prayer flags in households. The movement of the flag by the wind sets the horse in motion, carrying prayers for happiness and good fortune in various directions….”
“Is this story talking to me? Will this help me solve my problem? “, He thought….Events of the past few days, have taken their toll on him. Whatever he did…whatever he read, brought back her memories. He had many answers to seek.
In the heat of the moment, he felt her indifference was a sign of a battle with her that he needed to win. He was carried away in figuring out how to put the blame on her for things that went wrong. She did not love him anymore. Her ambitions and impressions of life were different. She did not like someone bursting her bubble of  artificial truth.
It is important to realize that we create our storm, and our sunshine. Love is what remains after beauty has passed. Love is not the same as admiration. Love is growth, love is evolution, love is a lesson, love is in allowing and is in granting others to be…what they wish to be… 

He closed his eyes, he wanted to push her memories away. It was hard to separate himself from her thoughts. They were united into a single soul…to dance together forever. Life gave him a chance to seek his companion, and to push her away…will only hurt him. Was there any love left? Is this a story of love?           
Therefore, it shall exist…as a story, a story to live with…without any love in it.                    
“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”  – Genesis 2:24

Am I a Bad Person?


Life is a mixed bag. It brings us joy, contentment, happiness, love, friendship…sorrow, deceit, hatred, fear, grief. Living our life regularly, most of us are afraid to accept our feelings and thoughts. We fear to ask ourselves the question, ” Am I a bad person ? ” And on this subject I wish to talk about in my post.
This question  is particularly important to understand how sensitive  we have come to become about ourselves and everyday happenings around us. Besides, I think I am right in saying that our feelings and our emotions have been sorely understood by us. Each of us have gone through a period of doubt. It is during such a phase  in our lives that we wish to ask ourselves this question. We begin to reason out a possible answer for the question. 
My experience: The answer I sought helped me change the way I look at life…fill it with a positive vibe…just as visions of angels show positive changes through the intervention of fortunate events….Events in our lives are mere reflections of our thoughts. We need to fight the fear within…we need to ask ourselves this one question everyday, to put ourselves on the right path…reach out to life with full enthusiasm and cherish our existence. Lets live a happy life!

Spiritual Inspirations : Nature


Nobody has a generic formula for happiness, at least not one that does the trick for everyone. But everyone  of us is privileged to have a common teacher: Nature. It is important to realize that each and every event in our life, is a lesson nature offers us to learn from. Hard to believe?
“How can everyday events possibly affect us? They’re of no significance”, my critics may roll out that argument. It is important that one needs to connect with nature to understand and explore the possibility of learning from it. Allow me to present a simple method to begin this journey…
Open your eyes on a starry night. What do you see? A vast, luminous space, full of shadows and light. Now close your eyes so tight they ache. Where are you now? What do you see? Again, a vast, luminous space, full of shadows and light. Consciousness and cosmos are structured around the same laws, follow the same patterns, and even feel pretty much the same to our senses. “As above, so below.” Just as the starry night awes us with its vastness, there’s something infinitely deep inside you, a place you go when you close your eyes, a place that’s beyond being yourself. At the most profound level, you will begin to connect with  nature.  It describes a series of experiences which, if you’re brave and open enough, will trigger certain states of consciousness in you — states that operate like powerful spiritual catalysts, vaulting you into higher levels of being. This will help you learn who you are, by warning you about the comforting lies we all tell ourselves, and by illuminating the experiences that trigger your most explosive leaps in awareness. 

Life around us is a reflection of what we are from within. Connecting with nature will help us redefine ourselves…our lives….and thus seek happiness.

– abhijith 

Place: Marrakech, Morocco
Date: June 2007

Art of Listening


Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you realized that they were looking at you while you were talking but weren’t really listening? Nobody likes that feeling, but the simple truth is that most of us are better talkers than listeners. So if we want to work on our communication skills, we can take the initiative to start with our own listening skills.
The art of listening has a lot to do with the difference between hearing what someone is saying and actually paying full attention to what they are saying. What we simply hear can very easily come in one ear and go out the other, but when we really focus on listening to what the other person is saying, something physiological happens to us. We may register that information physically, emotionally, or intellectually! That is because when that information captures our attention, we involve ourselves with the information that is being shared with us.
When someone else is talking to us, it is important not to interrupt them. It is true that we all have our stories to tell, but when we are listening to someone else talk it should be about them, not about us. So the next time you are listening and have the urge to interrupt them, take a breath and refocus your attention on the other person. You just might learn something important, and at the very least the person you are with will appreciate your attentiveness.
Being a good listener is to abstain from holding judgment. The minute our judgment kicks in, our listening usually stops. That is because it is hard to pay attention when we become preoccupied with our personal opinion over what we are hearing. Moreover, putting aside our judgment puts the other person at ease and helps them feel more comfortable and relaxed, so that they can be open and honest with us.
By becoming a good listener ourselves we set an example for those around us and create a better opportunity for ourselves to be heard. And on a side note, one of the better benefit of being a good listener is that when we apply these principles to listening to our own inner voice, we gain access to a world of wisdom all our own. Explore yourself!    

Stolen Dreams

The First Short Film of Talking Cherry Productions

Dignity Paradox


Last night I could barely sleep, I felt like a little kid again, filled with anticipation and expectation.  I was filled with thoughts about various episodes in my life. Two hours later, I started to appreciate my existence and opportunities thereof. Life presents each of us a breathing chance to stand up  and compete. Many a  time, I have heard people talking about how life is a compromise and that we are to make choices accordingly. I have come to believe that life is not a compromise, rather it is our dignity and our belief in the same which creates the difference.  

There is a growing concern these days to maintain vitality and enthusiasm for life. But all the multi-tasking and constant rushing about we do on a daily basis makes it difficult to keep our enthusiasm going. When you think about it, with so many balloons in the air and such high personal expectations, it is no wonder that people feel  very sympathetic to their plight, and rarely understand the role of dignity in our lives.

Most of us feel that budgeting of  our dignity is one way to make things better, and  needed for a better life. Rather, it is important to realize that dignity plays a defining role in our actions and accommodate it accordingly. For your life to be everything you’d like it to be, everything it should be, you must face the world with every possible strength and tool, armed with the means and the determination to succeed, blossom, triumph, and prevail… and dignity is an essential part of it to remain in your best shape everyday, for rest of your life.

Secrets of Happiness: Gratitude


Today, I wish to talk about my understanding of happiness. It is an interesting observation, to note that our gratitude level can directly affect our wealth and happiness. Now that may sound strange, but I have seen it time and time again in my life.
To begin with, I like to know how grateful would you say you are for what you are today? Before you answer this question, it is important to understand what we speak of when we talk about gratitude. The basic premise of gratitude is to acquire a more positive and receptive state of being. 
We can begin the journey by being grateful for the smaller and more immediate things like having a place to live, food to eat, and a car to get around, etc. By placing ourselves in a positive frame of mind through gratitude, we open ourselves to all the good things the universe has to offer. That is when we can actually begin to attract good things towards us. As you become more comfortable with the positive things that basic gratitude brings, you will likely find yourself feeling grateful for even bigger things like being alive, learning hard lessons, your past mistakes, the freedom to make choices in life, and more. This type of gratitude catapults you even further along the path to a successful and happy life. That’s because you begin to lose your fear of change or loss and you begin to develop a deep appreciation for the exciting adventure that life truly is.Once you reach the point where you remain in a constant state of gratitude, you will become a magnet that attracts the positive things to you… the things that resonate with who you are and what you desire to do with your life.


If you are ready to enjoy more happiness and wealth, I challenge you to take some time to note those things that you are grateful for, from the smallest little gifts to the bigger ones. And may you attract the most wonderful and beneficial things into your life.