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Harvard Crew Rocks
Sunday June 01st 2003, 6:23 am
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Harvard crew remains undefeated, takes the national title!”  They’re so excited they haven’t even announced it on their website. Thanks to DM for the heads-up. 

Harvard Crew Rocks …

Feedme, Seymour!
Sunday June 01st 2003, 5:41 am
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I’m excited to see that someone clicked through to my recent spiral narratives story, not from the email I sent to a few friends about it, but from the copy of the email I sent to the feedme archive.  Fantastic! 

If you want some of your mail to show up in that archive, send a copy to Your From: email address will show up (so forge it if you can, to throw off spammers) but other addresses you send the email To: won’t appear in the archive.

Feedme, Seymour! …

Civilizations trapped in time
Sunday June 01st 2003, 4:10 am
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Recently discovered in Nicaragua: a pre-Mayan civilization which practiced pottery and carved large stone columns, dating back to 3,000 years ago, covered a large geographic area and spanned a millenium

Recently discovered in Guatemala: a remarkable set of mines, suggesting a previously unknown source the size of Rhode Island[?] for blue jade — the variety that was highly prized in ancient mesoamerican civilizations, not the variety currently prized in Asia — was discovered in the past decade.

Unexplained curiosities apparently out of place in time or geography:
BC-era pyramids on the Canary Islands off of the W. African coast, and in NE Italy [cf. Heyerdahl et al];  Ziggurats in Mexico with unusual internal spiral staircases;  Enormous art spanning many miles and visible only/mainly from above (mound art, white chalk art [Britain], more), and more…

It seems easier than I had hoped for great civilizations to become unstuck in time.

Civilizations trapped in time …

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