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The Clinton-Clark Ticket — or is it Clark-Clinton?
Saturday June 21st 2003, 11:57 pm
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I should have seen it coming — the top two undeclared candidates quietly joining forces.  It was staring straight out at me from Clark’s WaveCrest bio:

Gen. Clark is Chairman and CEO of Wesley K. Clark & Associates, a business services and development firm based in Little Rock, Ark.

Anyway, Clark was at Hillary’s book-signing two nights ago, got a book signed, and set up a rival greeting line.  Bill Kristol knew the score almost a year ago.

But what if they put Clark at the top of the ticket, with Hillary as VP?  This may be the more prudent option.  After all, what self-respecting Republican would vote Hillary for President?  Here’s the updated rundown on Clark.

The Clinton-Clark Ticket — or is it Clark-Clinton? …

Dancing in the Streets
Saturday June 21st 2003, 10:59 pm
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There was dancing in the Cambridge streets yesterday night.  (Mass Ave, in fact, in front of Cambridge City Hall.) Wow!  People of all ages; kids running everywhere; the kind of unspoiled cross-generational fun cities do best. There were 20-somethings breakdancing on the grass in front of city hall, kids running everywhere, people from the senior center across the street boogieing to ’50s songs… and a great selection of music from decades past. 

With a little more effort (this event was amazingly under-advertised and -reported), a live band and better light-techs — perhaps even extending an invitation to and sharing costs with a few surrounding townships — they could easily extend the social diversity to match the age diversity, cordon off a couple more blocks of Mass Ave (they didn’t use half of the blocks they *did* cordon off), and make this yearly event a night of city-wide excitement on a scale normally found only in, say, New Orleans. 

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