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Life, Love, and crossing over the water
Friday December 24th 2004, 7:12 pm
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I’m posting this from newark airport.
I just did something totally foolish —
signed up for a $7/day wireless connection when
I have only 10 min before my flight.

I did this because I just realized something odd – a sequence of inexplicable events made me think, with a black flash, that if I were ever to get into an air accident, this would be the flight for it.

And I would hate to go without even a final word!  But thankfully my flash belonged to some alternate reality, and I managed a few extra words in regardless.  And now you all know more certainly than before what a wonderful mother I have. 🙂

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Mensch! Don’t write such words of horror! (I’m not taking comments about death very lightly right now.)

Hopefully, no other dreadful things will happen to you during your trip and you will return safe and sound. Otherwise, I’ll have to find another blogger who shares such wonderful thoughts about Wikipedia to fill a giant hole in my aggregator. I’ll have so much less to blog if I don’t.

Happy Christmahanukwanzaka yourself! And safe travels!

Comment by j 12.25.04 @ 12:09 am

If I didn’t get the same temptation to make serviceable-if-it-were-to-turn-out-to-be-the-final-one posts, I’d call you morbid. Anyway hope your trip is lovely, and that you enjoy whatever holiday(s) you might be celebrating, and see you back in Boston. And hope you don’t mind my new lurkerdom at your blog :D.

Comment by Erica 12.25.04 @ 2:15 am

yes yes yes yes.

Comment by Tuyen 12.27.04 @ 3:34 pm

Hhhmmm … the text magically changed from the original version. Does that mean he’s still alive somewhere and keeping us in suspense without a definite post? Or did one of the other phantom editors change it?


Comment by j 12.28.04 @ 11:12 am


Comment by Tuyen 12.28.04 @ 4:39 pm

Hey x/t, just so you know, this blog platform, Manila, links people’s comments via e-mail addresses, then applies changes to all of the comments. If you’re wondering why all of your comments previously signed t are now noted with an x, it’s because someone, perhaps you even, used the same e-mail address to sign x.

Comment by j 12.31.04 @ 12:41 am

Hi, J! Gratzi! I’m not technically sophisticated (or gifted). This is a side note– but can you explain why the comment pop-up is able to remember that I wrote on this page? Is it a function of Manila? Surely not ISP logs, right? Is it the cookies that are enabled on my browser? The setup for the commenting has always struck me as a bit insecure (though I will confess that I couldn’t resist the urge to become Madame X, though the moment may live on now in a perverse infamy). =)

Comment by Tuyen 01.02.05 @ 4:16 am

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