The Longest Now

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…
Monday January 10th 2005, 9:50 am
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A new year, time for a new layout, posting policy, linking
format.  The nice thing about this reflective web is it’s so easy
to see (technorati, google, frassle) what others are saying.

Speaking of which… I’m finally surpassing all of the Swedish pretenders to my name; sj now shows up in the top 30 Google hits. 

Postage Backlog
Monday January 10th 2005, 8:32 am
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As they say in my barrio, Post
up, fool!  There are a few weeks of postage waiting to be made
live; about travel, isolation and urban melting pots, language
migration,  directed social gatherings, mystery hunts, and
more.  You should see most of it emerge over the next few days.

For now, just a reminder: there’s a meetup tonight at
7:00pm EST at ABP in Harvard Square.  Hope to see you
there!   There will be news about WIRED and other weekly and
quarterly publications, portals and wormholes, and *ahem* great soup.

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