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Transcripts: conference wrap-up
Saturday January 22nd 2005, 3:59 pm
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This post is deprecated.
You can find more updated text and audio here.

All transcripts and some audio files are now out.
Status: basically formatted, not proofread. Don’t use yet for direct
quotes; word-for-word transcripts coming late Monday.  

Let me know if you see anything wrong… or have good quotes to add.

  • Friday morning   | text | audio (26MB) | All manner of things, keyed off of presentations.
  • Friday afternoon | text | audio | Ditto, with big media finally starting to speak out in the last third of the day.
  • Friday evening    | text | audio | Weinberger’s brilliant “stand-up philosophy” on a trio of subjects
  • Saturday morn   | text | audio
    (32MB) | On podcasting, and an open discussion about scenarios by Dan
    Gillmor and Jimmy Wales and (at the very end) tools.
  • Saturday lunch   | text | audio |
  • Saturday open session | text | audio
    (22MB) |  Final session.  Informal, moderated by Dave Winer in the
    spirit of the BloggerCon wrapups, with audience members from the
    community.  (Only 5+ people from the community came… and half of
    the invitees had to leave after the previous session, partly due to the
    incoming blizzard).
  • Many short podcasts from Andy Carvin, before, during, and after the conference.

I began to say on IRC that I wasn’t going to post the last session’s
transcript right away, b/c it needed editing… couldn’t believe myself
🙂  The trouble was just that the two Dave W’s got a bit
confusing, and one or two sections were out of order.  Smoke that
in your reliability pipe… I did a quick 5-min pass
over the file to correct glaring confusions, but take the last
transcript with an extra grain of salt.

I will clean up the transcripts a bit later tonight, but they should be referencable now.  And I’d like your help:
there are a few sections of the transcripts where a speaker’s name is
unclear (for the new speakers at the open session), or where a
paper/website is referenced but not spelled out… if you can tell me
what those are, I would really appreciate it.  I’d also love to
know about early news articles on the conference… anything before
tomorrow afternoon counts.

Transcripts: conference wrap-up …

Mo’ transcripts: Sat morning
Saturday January 22nd 2005, 12:12 pm
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(See the trancript list here.) Here’s the morning’s 2 sessions, on podcasting and an open session on scenarios and tools moderated by Jimmy Wales and Dan Gillmor.

Unloading at the end of the day
Saturday January 22nd 2005, 12:21 am
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Okay, transcripts!   WebCredTrans Day 1, and David Weinberger’s dinner talk.

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