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World-wide gathering
Thursday February 10th 2005, 10:52 am
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There is a meeting of the minds, cultures, and spirits this Sunday evening at 6pm in Harvard Square.  Local Wikipedians, local bloggers, and grassroots Bridge Builders brought into town for a week by a special project of Harvard’s young Center for International Development (CID).

What: Dinner and discussion, perhaps good music
Where: Smile Thai Cafe,
on Eliot St. in Harvard Square.  Check the menu listed on their
website.  Call me (6 1 7 | 529×4266) or the cafe (6 1 7 |
497-8288) to coordinate.  (I wanted to go to Veggie Planet but they don’t have enough seating)
Who :   A mix of 20-25 wikipedians, bloggers, grassroots organizers… and you!  Call / email an RSVP.
When: Sunday, Feb 13, 18:00 EST  / 23:00 UTC
Why? For extra bonus karma.

Veggie Planet!
Thursday February 10th 2005, 4:38 am
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I want to let everyone know about this fabulous restaurant tucked away in Harvard Square; community-oriented, vegan-friendly,
and moughty tasty.  It’s not one I visit very often, just because
its location keeps it out of my normal speed-walking through the
square, but I’m headed there soon.  Ill try to give you thorough
details on some of their cuisine, and how they handle a large crowd

Veggie Planet! …

Smile Thai!
Thursday February 10th 2005, 4:36 am
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No, that’s not a command, it’s the name of the restaurant where dinner on Sunday (tomorrow) will be held.  We have a reservation for 20; keep sending rsvp’s in case I have to expand it; and let me know if you want them to make something special (for a group?) ahead of time.  They asked twice ^ ^ .

Another vegan-friendly place in the Square, run by the owner of Spice, which is not to be confused with 7 Tastes (or is it 7 Taste?). So many lovely places around that I haven’t been too very often!  It’s amazing, what with all the little buildings and stores that one can cram into a tight urban area like Harvard Square, that there are so few parking garages…

Smile Thai! …

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