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Best Children’s Book Ever?
Monday February 14th 2005, 5:48 pm
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I’ve been thinking a lot about the best children’s book ever.  Not that one with demons and archangels and archaeopteryx hanging out in the museum post-twilight, bathing in the fountains and gathering plastic four-leaf clovers
from the astroturf.  No, I  mean the one with the astonishing
string of meaningless, mundane coincedences leading to a Really Bad Day.

Well, strange things have always happened to me, particularly ever since a fateful conversation with Sarah Ettling.  Often things so strange that I would never share them with other people
because, well, why bother them with meaningless impossibilities? 
I’m still taking flack for showing people the disturbing smiley-face biscuit that turned up under my hood the night my battery mysteriously died in the STAR market parking lot.  I should have thrown it away.

Or so I thought at the time.  I’m feeling more open towards the world these days, and towards humanity, and see only humour in their very unlikeliness; perhaps you will, too.  What unlikely things have happened to you so far this year?  (read more…)

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I was on a lucky streak, then the laptop failed, then I just lost the karma… =(

Comment by Tuyen 02.15.05 @ 9:43 pm

Ahh, fortune comes and goes in cycles. Make use of it when it’s with you, and push forward when it’s not. ^^

Comment by sj 02.17.05 @ 1:11 pm

Oh, SJ, your way of looking at the world is just snazzy. Keep biscuits if it makes you smile. 😀

Comment by Erica 02.19.05 @ 2:19 am

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