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All the news that’s fit to cast
Thursday April 21st 2005, 1:30 pm
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Podcasting is hot. Even Forbes is writing about it. How will ratings of it work out? Is PodcastPickle just a joke? You tell me…

Boston Cyberarts 2005!
Thursday April 21st 2005, 4:20 am
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The Boston Cuberarts festival kicks off tonight, Thursday, at 6pm at the Hotel@MIT. Deliciously cool people will be there in force, including the ineffable Martin Wattenberg and, oddly enough, yours truly. Through the javalicious genius of Daniel Wunsch, I will be bringing the joys of rcbirds (a live audio feed of recentchanges) to the assembled cyberati.

See Event #10 on their calendar for this week. If you want to come say hello for a few mins, and have trouble getting in, give me a call: 617 5 2 9 4266.

To enjoy the glories of a real-time audio-feed of Recentchanges (with different sound cues for different classes of edits), see the rcbirds project page, and set it up on your local machine. I find this to be just the right level of detail to make my editing really enjoyable; the English Wikipedia feels like a small community again when I have this running in the background.

If you want to use this with English Wikipedia, you can download my English config files and replace the config/ directory with them. New: Support for namespace differentiation, better troll-alerts, quieter background sound.

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