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Meeting redux
Friday October 07th 2005, 12:55 am
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Lots of great advice and suggestions, for getting around housing
crunches, language barriers, and Cambridge/US/North-America founder
effects.  Also for coping with iCampus, ePublishing, press
accreditation, and design.  Special thanks to eGeorge, Beauty’s,
and Ilya’s extra dose of enthusiasm.  

IRC sadly failed us, largely because we had a single functioning
machine doing double-duty as shared whiteboard-display and IRC
monitoring, and we lost our connection before we left.  (Sorry, dk & tea)

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Berkman was full of excitement last Thursday. Amanda was almost as fabulous as the guy who explained wikipedia to us. I thought about joining the wikimania bunch upstairs, but I had an appointment for a online rendezvous. [I know what you’re thinking. Even more perverse. 🙂 ] More importantly, I haven’t significantly wiki’d yet. I am going to start writing for the pedia. Perhaps I’ll join up with the maniacs in the future. If you see a distinct contribution I could make, let me know and I’ll join you sooner.


Comment by randy.f 10.08.05 @ 1:47 pm

BTW. I’ve decided passing my posts/comments through a tool the links to everything in the pedia is dangerous. I might be tempted to link to things I have not actually read. There should be a rule about that. As a graduate student I was stunned when I discovered that my advisor had not read all the papers he cited in his bibliographies. A post-doc informed me that this is in fact common practice = “everybody cites everybody, nobody reads anybody.” Whatever the technology – silicon on saphire or carbon on cellulose – how people actually use it matters.
Character counts. But I’m not worried about you. I think you’re one of white hatters.


Comment by randy.f 10.08.05 @ 1:54 pm

I really wish manilla would allow previewing and/or editing of comments. Somehow I need visual cues to separate the writing from the proofreading. -r

Comment by randy.f 10.08.05 @ 1:57 pm

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