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Wikipedia temp-blocked in Pakistan?
Friday March 31st 2006, 1:09 pm
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Wikipedia was reportedly temporarily blocked by three ISPs in Pakistan today.  I don’t quite understand what this court order is suporting such actions, or why they might have reversed the block so quickly (it’s unblocked now); and hope for a more detailed confirmation from someone in the know.

China’s still blocking WP.  Someone claimed that Burma is as well; is this so?  And has Iran ever blocked it?  Sadly, I don’t know the answer.  This last part should be fixed.  

Wikipedia temp-blocked in Pakistan? …

I don’t know the answer to Burma but, as I understand, it wouldn’t make a huge difference. There was no public Internet access at all until a bit more than a year ago. The last numbers I’ve seen show something like 20-30K people with net access (in a country of 40-45 million people). The Internet is, as you might imagine, very blocked (something around 11% of all sites on one survey!).

Here’s a website I found by someone did a study:

It does not, unfortunately, talk about WP.

Comment by mako 03.31.06 @ 7:52 pm

Bad Behavior has blocked 719 access attempts in the last 7 days.