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Lila Tretikov named as Wikimedia’s upcoming ED
Thursday May 01st 2014, 5:49 pm
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And there was much rejoicing. Welcome, Lila!

Yayy! *shakes pom poms*

Comment by bl00 05.05.14 @ 10:11 am

What is an ED anyway, and are you just concerned with uses of the wiki software OTHER than Wikipedia?

Where would be the place to discuss making a place for alternative opinions?

What I really, REALLY want is a place where Issue Based Information System style discussion can take place. This is an argumentation system where you cannot make a claim or take a position EXCEPT as an answer to a specific explicitly stated question.

Such a question can have multiple answers. Each answer can have multiple pro and con arguments. And any item can acquire a footnote, a link to outside material, or another question. These bushy tree structures can contain multiple viewpoints without degenerating into mush. And they can permit a changing group of people to deeply explore a subject over time.

In my view this would vastly expand the utility of any wikimedia based project. Issues of editing and rearranging remain open.

I claim that such a system would be a vast improvement over the strictly time ordered comments usually available in response to a blog essay or a published article in an online magazine or newspaper.

Comment by Richard Karpinski 06.25.14 @ 6:41 am

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