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Plagiarising satire as news
Sunday February 27th 2011, 8:31 pm
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Today the Tehran Times, an English-language paper based in Tehran, and other Iranian news sources, engaged in a bit of Internet journalism, copying some satire (‘Saudi king offers to buy Facebook for $150B to end revolt’) — down to a misspelling of Zuck’s name — into a summary of news on the King’s announced plans for social reform (providing cheap land for housing). This got its fifteen minutes of fame on forums and Twitter, enough to draw a brief official denial.

It’s not news that minor news agencies can be too busy to check facts or worry about copyright, but you’d think they would be more sensitive to satire. All I have to say is: Freshrant made the joke first.

Random Hacks of Kindness — hacking subverted?
Thursday February 03rd 2011, 7:00 pm
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RHOK has a great name (if only an OK acronym) and sweet mandate: hacking to save the world. They work with Crisis Commons and other grassroots groups, organizing physical meetings to hack for two days with a competition theme (prizes for the best hacks). Great, right?

But is this a meme whose time has come, that’s been subverted by people who aren’t hackers? How will it change over time? The proof may be in the results, but the corporate firepower lined up behind this project, and the vagueness of how its organizing takes place, make me wonder. From a recent NPR piece on the project:

Patrick Svenburg, a director for Microsoft and a co-founder of Random Hacks of Kindness, says it was a little risky at first.

“We threw all cautions to the wind, and we got a little group of people together in November of 2009 at the first hackathon in Silicon Valley,” he says. “About 100 people showed up. I didn’t get fired; nobody got fired. It was a nice experiment.”

Indeed. More than 20 cities took part in RHOK #2, so let’s hope it continues to thrive.

Saturday January 08th 2011, 3:00 am
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I’m almost back from 2010… here one more from the road, to make you smile or win your fellow linguist’s ♥!. Lyrics and fabulous youtube recording (what, no video?) are (c) Christine Collins:

let me have your heart and i will give you love
the denotation of my soul is the above
if there’s anything i lack, it’s you
as my double brackets, you make me mean things
i can’t say enough

My blackberry is not working!
Wednesday January 05th 2011, 11:23 pm
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For my mother.

Thursday June 26th 2008, 3:19 pm
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hi sj. i drew a cartoon for you. i’ll show it to you someday. it has you, broccoli, and a kewpie.

Simmons update
Tuesday February 14th 2006, 4:52 am
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Well, that rocked.  A room full of bright, attentive, occasionally opinionated people.  They asked some good questions.  We ran a bit over; noone seemed to mind.  And most of them were beautiful women…
Let’s see if the dozen or so who signed up for more information come to one of our wikimeets.  A few were positively eager to help with upcoming projects, which makes me feel good about the other local university outreach efforts…

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