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Dimple joust as sport: the perfect combination of skill and reflex
Thursday November 28th 2013, 11:33 pm
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Dimple jousting is the purest form of duel. Everyone can play on equal footing, the winner is obvious, and there is no chance involved.

sj’s crimson banns unfurl to virtual acclaim
Sunday March 30th 2003, 6:13 am
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Around the world, calendared banns are being flung through cyberspace announcing the union of SJ and BLHE in holy alma matrimony.   Meanwhile on the ground, the Crimson continues to run true…

Meanwhile, IE kerning continues to suck.  I’m going to lay off this site for a bit while they fix a few bugs in the skin implementation.

sj’s crimson banns unfurl to virtual acclaim …

It Moves!
Friday March 28th 2003, 2:20 pm
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Welcome. This is the first post you can find. Click on everything.

It Moves! …

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