Vacation – all I ever wanted. Vacation – have to get away. Vacation – meant to be spent alone

I love the Go-Go’s. Anyway, after my depressing-as-all-hell posting from yesterday, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. I think I just need to get away. Perhaps a new perspective on things is needed?

We’ve got vacation plans coming up in the near future:

Portland, Maine (Old Port) for a weekend in mid-May with some friends to see a play.

Provincetown, MA for a few days in June (with some friends visiting from Texas)

Provincetown, MA for a full week in July (beach, shops, restaurants, shows – can’t wait)

But I’m craving peace and newness. I’m thinking national park and/or someplace I’ve never been. The whole Philadelphia thing is appealing to me. Then I could visit Valley Forge, and there’s this beautiful botanical park called Longwood Gardens that looks amazing. It would be nice to combine urban (Philly) with nature in one trip. I’ve ordered tourist brochures/guides from this region and will check them out.

Any suggestions on other destinations?


  1. Comment by Iris Stanfield on April 14, 2004 12:31 pm

    Karl, I can’t open the pictures of Dusty? I am able to open pictures in Matt’s Blog, but they present in something like an album? Any suggestions? Love Iris

  2. Comment by Derek Demaree on April 15, 2004 12:55 am

    Longwood Gardens is really nice — definitely take some time (half day at least) to tour all of the facilities & learn a little about the history of the place (Dupont family & all)… If you’re into decorative art, another closeby Dupont mansion-turned-museum, Winterthur (, is definitely worth a visit. Down the road from Longwood you’ll find an small eclectic collection of Wyeth family art at the Brandywine Museum, which is right next to the historic site of the Battle of Brandywine (

    And all of this is really close to Philly, New Hope, and other cool historic places…

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