A Typical Saturday: some oatmeal, some drag, some quesadillas, some sun and a puppy-snot covered floor

It’s a beautiful spring Saturday afternoon and where am I? In my climate-controlled condo – updating my blog. Actually, I really only came home for a little while so Dusty isn’t alone all day.*

Matt and I went to the Loew’s Boston Common today to see the matinee of Connie and Carla. It was actually quite a cute film about two women that flee Chicago after witnessing the murder of their boss and they end up working as drag queens in a gay bar. It made us smile.

Then, before even exiting the building, Matt bought tickets to the next showing of Kill Bill, Volume 2. Since there was an hour between movies, I was able to talk Matt into going to Fajita’s and Rita’s. After eating and writing “Karl -n- Matt, 04/17/04” on the wall next to our table (it’s encouraged), I came home to play with the dog.

And that’s where I am now…updating my blog and neglected Dusty. Though, once I’m done, I’ll play with her before heading out and, hopefully, taking some pictures on this nearly ideal Saturday: a mix of sun and clouds, highs in the upper 50’s, slight breeze. I’m in heaven!

Oh, and last night I started having a life again! We went to dinner with some new friends (a co-worker of Matt’s and his partner). Normally, Matt and I are fast eaters. When it’s just the two of us, we’re usually out of a restaurant within an hour. Well, last night with good company, good conversation and a slow waitress, we spent three hours at the table. We originally had planned to go the Alley (gay bar) afterwards, but Matt was tired so we came home.

Tonight, Matt’s brother, Roy, is coming over to watch some Fassbinder films on DVD. And tomorrow another friend of ours, Jennifer, is coming over to meet Dusty and cook us dinner! What a full weekend for me! I’m living again!

*We have floor to ceiling windows so our condo gets lots of light. Since we’re normally at work during the mid-day sun we mever noticed the trail of snot our Dusty leaves throughout the living room. Since she’ a Shih Tzu, she has a hairy face. Since she’s a puppy, she’s stupid and sticks her entire face in her water bowl when getting water. Then, with a dripping face, she sniffs along the hardwood floors trailing doggy-phlegm everwhere. And today…in the midday sun…all I see are smudges, dried-up pools, and trails of goo everywhere. I wish Roy still lived her to clean it up.

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  1. Comment by matt on April 17, 2004 8:12 pm

    yes, we need Roy to move back in to clean this mess up! I’ll work on getting him evicted from his current digs. Why? Because that is what good brothers do for each other!

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