North End Photo Tour…and a Real Dinner!

Hello, World!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. There was something wrong with the Harvard server and I wasn’t able to post anything – photos or text. But I’m back today!

I had a good time Saturday afternoon and Sunday. I did just what my last blog entry stated and went on a picture taking spree through the North End of Boston. The results are below.

This shot shows the Copp’s Hill Burial Ground in the front. Behind it are some cars parked on the parking garage that was apparently a key part of the Brinks Job (an actual bank heist from 1950 and also used in the 1979 movie which, coincidentally, my grandfather was in). Behind that is a brick and green building. That’s our condo building!

This is an extremely narrow house that is across from the Burial Ground. Rumor is that this house was built to kill the light and views from the building behind it since the owners were enemies.

This is a famous pizza place in the North End. YUM

This is a statue in an paved playground.

This is a different part of the same statue in the paved playground.

Anyway, after my picture taking spree, Matt’s brother, Roy, came over to watch a Fassbinder movie. I think Matt liked it the most because he then went on to watch a bunch of other Fassbinder films.

On Sunday, our friend, Jennifer (see blog to the right) came over and cooked us a fabulous meal consisting of chicken, pasta, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, basil and prociutto. She also concocted an amazing apple dessert (and I normally don’t like fruit in desserts but this was SO GOOD!


  1. Comment by matt on April 19, 2004 3:14 pm

    Jen’s cooking was so yummy! I love the second photo of the statue! …I didn’t know that about the narrow house. Had you told me that before?

  2. Comment by Karl on April 19, 2004 3:15 pm

    Yes, Babyhed. I’ve told you that before (about the narrow house).


  3. Comment by Doug on April 19, 2004 3:19 pm

    I think its time for a new Dusty picture….

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