Lost Forever?

It’s like some pages from my diary have been ripped out! I’m not sure what happened, but I wasn’t able to access my blog yesterday – and then today my most recent entries are missing.

It was quite frustrating for me because I drafted this big pseudo-intellectual rant about the downfall of society (as I see it). I was so eager to post it yesterday. It’s rare that I get all political on your ass. Perhaps, then, it’s a good thing that the blog program was down – I may have offended people. I think I’ll review it again today and edit it (I may have been a bit zealous as I wrote it so it may come off as extreme).

Anyway, when I noticed my blog was back today, I see that all of my posts for this week are gone. GONE! Normally, I wouldn’t care. But I think my last two posts were my most personal and intimate ones to date! And I recall getting some refreshing and caring comments from people. Ugh – I give and I share…and then it’s all taken away from me.

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