How Can Something So Little Cost So Much?

WARNING: doggy details to follow So, over the weekend our little Dusty started sneezing. This is in addition to the ear scratching she’s done since the day we got her. Then last night, she threw up in front of Jennifer (how embarassed Dusty was!). This morning, she was constipated (Dusty, not Jennifer). When she finally went […]

North End Photo Tour…and a Real Dinner!

Hello, World! Sorry for not posting yesterday. There was something wrong with the Harvard server and I wasn’t able to post anything – photos or text. But I’m back today! I had a good time Saturday afternoon and Sunday. I did just what my last blog entry stated and went on a picture taking spree […]

A Typical Saturday: some oatmeal, some drag, some quesadillas, some sun and a puppy-snot covered floor

It’s a beautiful spring Saturday afternoon and where am I? In my climate-controlled condo – updating my blog. Actually, I really only came home for a little while so Dusty isn’t alone all day.* Matt and I went to the Loew’s Boston Common today to see the matinee of Connie and Carla. It was actually quite […]

A Poisonous Bush in my Back Yard

No, it’s not a Rhododendron. The genus and and species of shrub I’m talking about is of the G.W. Bush persuasion. How disturbed I was watching the news yesterday when they announced that George W. Bush will be spending at least part of his summer vacation on Cape Cod. That news alone was enough to […]

I Removed the Hideousness That is Me

Matt viewed my blog last night and commented that I look horrible in the picture I had decided to post in the red banner to the right. So, It has since been removed. But it got me to wondering since I thought it was one of very few decent pictures of myself. I wonder if […]

My Unexpected Fanbase

I was pleasantly surprised today to find that my life-partner*/boyfriend/significant-other/common-law spouse/partner/husband’s mother is now turned on to my blog! I set up my blog to send notifications to my work email address whenever a person posts a comment. Today, I was notified that Iris (Matt’s Mom) made some posts! How sweet! Now that my mother-in-law is […]

Vacation – all I ever wanted. Vacation – have to get away. Vacation – meant to be spent alone

I love the Go-Go’s. Anyway, after my depressing-as-all-hell posting from yesterday, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. I think I just need to get away. Perhaps a new perspective on things is needed? We’ve got vacation plans coming up in the near future: Portland, Maine (Old Port) for a weekend in mid-May with […]

A Test Taken From Thomas’ Blog

Here are my responses to the quiz on Thomas’ Blog (Homoesque)  Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says.—“…in monitoring the behavior of users of the things. For example, public parks…”, from my boss, Steven Shavell’s, new book “Foundations of Economic Analysis of Law” (FYI – […]

I Have No Life

Wow – it’s been 5 days since my last post. The sad thing is that it feels just like yesterday that I updated my blog. Yet, an even sadder thing is that I still don’t have anything to update. There are no witty tales to tell. I’ve become a completely different person than I’ve been […]

Can I Just Tell You…

So, yesterday I took a cab home from work because Dusty wasn’t all that fond of the train*. I walked through Harvard Yard to get to the taxi stand next to the subway station. As I approached the cab, the driver was on his cell phone so my first instict was to grab the one […]