Vamos a la Playa…..en el Pueblo de P

Yep…we’re off to the beach…in P-town! WOO HOO! In an hour or so I’ll be picking up the rental car, loading it up with our fabulous clothes (and puppy supplies) and heading down to the Cape. I think it’s quite fitting that the song playing on VH-1 Classics as I type is “Relax”…by Frankie Goes to Hollwyood. ‘Cuz I think we’re both definitely looking forward to some relaxation (OK, and perhaps some of the other stuff they discuss in that song. he he).

Anyway, today’s itinerary consists of staying at my parents (on Cape Cod, where I was raised). We’ll probably plays some games (rummy, uno or poker), watch a DVD or two, and go out for a nice meal. Though, my parents think a good restaurant is one that provides senior citizen discounts so I’m not holding my breathe on food quality. But at least I’ll know it’ll be a bargain – and the company will be nice!

Then we’ll leave Dusty with them tomorrow morning and spend the next 7 days in Provincetown. WOO HOO!

Matt is having to bring his laptop with him to Provincetown (for work) so I will have access to updating my blog periodically (I hope). But I won’t be able to download any of my pictures until my return since the laptop doesn’t have Adobe or the camera software on it. Sigh.

And hopefully when we return home from Ptown, our condo in Boston…next door to the Democratic National Convention venue…will still be standing and in one un-burnt piece.


  1. Comment by Mery on July 23, 2005 2:27 am

    The text was good, but i stil cant find the play ipdates. looking for it dude.

  2. Comment by Richard Davis on July 24, 2005 11:02 pm

    Nice one, but what about der weg ? anywya, congrats from me.

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