Should I(t) Stay or Should I(t) Go?

I was very lazy on vacation and only shaved on the second morning. So here I am 6 days into a mini-beard and I’m debating whether to grow facial hair…or to shave it off. Matt’s been resting on the couch with his bad back so I had to take this picture myself…hence the blurriness, poor […]

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Is anybody else as frightened of this advertising campaign as I am? I keep stumbling upon these ads in magazines and am truly traumatized by them. Like a bloody car accident, I just can’t look away.  I’ll be happily flipping the magazines of my favorite magazines – reading about the difficulties of being a gazillionairre celebrity […]

More Tales From the City…of Philadelphia

On Friday morning, I had an unusual Belgian Waffle thing for breakfast. It was called a Gorfa (or something like that), and it can be served with gelato on top (I had it plain). It was quite flavorful. A few hours later, Chris arrived and we met for the first time. Chris and I had […]

A Feeling of Brotherly Love

I’m back! First let me preface this blog entry with an apology. I did try updating my blog on Saturday afternoon. In fact, it was quite a lengthy description of my adventures. But since my blog program frequently causes glitches, I always Control-C (copy text) before updating. Unfortunately, my friend’s laptop has a function key where […]

New Jersey….Capital of the McMansion

I meant to write about this yesterday (but forgot)…but with 40 minutes to go before leaving for Philadelphia, I figured I’d mention it before I forget. I have concluded that New Jersey (at least this part of NJ) is the land of the McMansion. It’s a fascinating thing. This area seems to have been developed in 4 […]

Miss Me Yet?

Well, my vacation is now 28 hours old and I already feel relaxed. The train yesterday wasn’t bad at all. Unlike my previous Amtrak rides, this one was practically empty so I had an entire row to myself the entire trip (maybe it’s because I took the poor person’s Metroliner instead of the Acela high […]

…And I’m Off

Today’s the day! In just a few hours I’ll be heading to South Station to begin my mini-vacation. Along with the immense excitement I’m also feeling reluctance. Although I think that a getaway is just what the doctor ordered (literally, my therapist agreed it was a good idea)…there’s a part of me that wants to resist […]

Sparkles…with Sparkles!

Well, by the time this posting appears, it will be Monday, July 5th. But as I’m typing it is just before midnight on Independence Day and I just got home from Boston’s fireworks display. Unlike most years, I actually ventured outside for the display. Our last condo in Salem had french doors that opened to an […]

Walking Towards Death

Matt and I were walking through the Harvard Law School campus today on our way to pick up a rental car to bring Dusty to training in the woods. As we we walked by Langdell Library, we ran across this: It was the strangest thing. I’ve always wondered whether animals every die of natural causes, […]

I say, If Nobody Else Will Do It — Toot Your Own Horn!

No, that’s not a reference to masturbation (though, I supposed it could work in that scenario, too)…I’m talking about congratulating yourself on a job well done. As I’ve posted before, I’m heading off on vacation after today. So, I wanted to tie up all of the loose ends before I leave. As of yesterday afternoon, […]