All for Nothing

So, I went to the doctor this afternoon to find out what’s been ailing me. As always happens, by the time I saw him, the worst of the symptoms had subsided. I was no longer feverish, no longer shaking and my body was barely aching anymore. However, the sore throat still existed (though even that […]

The Wimp

I’m so pathetic. I woke up yesterday morning with a slight sore throat. But by mid-morning, my body ached so bad that I could barely move. I ended up leaving work and going home around 1PM. As the afternoon went on, the aching feeling was so strong that even sitting was painful. I mean, when […]

Over and Under the Weather

The Boston area was blessed with an amazing weekend weather-wise. Sunny, warm (for February…upper 40’s). Today it’s sunny and in the 50’s. Unfortunately, a large ocean storm is supposed to hit us Tuesday night, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. When they last that long – it’s never a good sign. But it looks like it’s […]

The Fat Lady Sang

Yep, it’s over. I am no longer a property owner. Of course, as with all things involving lawyers and real estate brokers (perhaps two of the least honest professions in the world after car salesmen), there were complications. We signed the Intent to Buy in early December. We signed the Purchase and Sale in mid-December. […]

“You’ve Got A Friend”

Last night I met up with an old high school friend for dinner. Her name is Catherine* (but we called her Cookie) and we actually met in high school under bizarre circumstances: I was a sophomore and she was a freshman. Meanwhile, my brother, a senior, had a bit of a crush on her (but she […]

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Tomorrow’s the big day.  At 10:30 tomorrow morning, Matt and I will be signing papers to sell our condo. In some ways, this will be the last tie that holds us together. Don’t get me wrong, we’re getting along fabulously and continue to be friends (and plan to permanently remain close friends). But the selling […]

False Advertsing/Shameless Self Promotion

I thought I had blogged about this but apparently I had just vented to a friend by e-mail. Anyway, I was watching television last week (as I always do) and a commercial came on. There was a business man in a high-rise office with a shit-eating grin on his face talking about how corporate America […]